Day 51 – Racing the Rain!

18 07 2012

Idaho Falls to Blackfoot ID
Miles 28

Today Jasper, Alex and I rode together. When I heard we were having a 28 mile day, I wanted to see how fast I could ride for those 28 miles. Kevin allowed us to ride unsupported for the day. (not going to water stops). I had originally asked Yoshi, but he wanted to participate todays Scavenger Hunt…something we do on short days for fun. To me, going as hard as possible is fun, ha. This was a good day to do this because there are a small amount of directions, which means most of the miles come from a single road. We had about 26 miles on a main road, which had a couple of stop lights, but we got lucky with the majority of them being green.
We took 5 minute intervals pulling the group. I haven’t ridden with Alex in a fast group yet, but I knew he was quick. Alex held up with Jasper and I for the entire day, I was excited that he kept up the entire time and had really good pulls.
We finished the day quickly, getting chocolate milk and ice cream before getting to the host. After that, it was a pretty good day, worked on some bikes, did laundry, took a nap and had a really awesome dinner.
Longer ride tomorrow, curious to see how I feel after pushing it full throttle today.
Thank for reading, and take care!






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