Day 52 – Great riding day!

18 07 2012

Day 52: American Falls ID
Miles 53
Awesome Day! Today Jasper, Sophie, Sohum, Nellie and I rode from Blackfoot to American Falls. We had a huge breakfast thanks to members of the church. They made use burritos, pancakes, eggs, hash browns, coffee and a bunch of other good stuff! After breakfast we may have had the largest morning circle on the trip. I dedicated my ride to a lot of people, although when I don’t dedicate my ride, those people are still in my thoughts while I ride. We left CHURCH and headed west to American Falls. It is a small town, with a huge reservoir…which I’m sure we’ll go swimming.
Today the group wanted to ride FAST. And that’s exactly what we did. The best part about today’s ride is that there were only about 4 directions. The main road was 51 miles…and had no stop lights or signs, it was perfect for speed! Nellie started the group at a fast pace. We were riding at about 20-22mph for the first 14 miles. After that, Jasper took his turn to pull the group. We had a fast peloton, exchanging the front person every 5 minutes or so. We made it to the first water stop (22miles) in about an hour and 5 minutes…we were FLYING! After the water stop…which no one really needed since they forgot to drink water, we kept up the pace only slowing down for a minute or so for rest. We decided to skip the second water stop (mile 44) since everyone had sufficient amount of water, and there was only 15 miles left until we would get to the host….well more like the ice cream place, haha.
American Falls, We rode 53 miles in 2 hours and 43 minutes. We averaged 20 miles per hours! Again…we were cookin! We arrived to the host (after ice cream of course) and had lunch and got to see where we would be sleeping. CARPET!!!! No any carpet, but thick, comfortable carpet! I’m terribly excited about this since I absolutely hate my sleeping pad. I know have a stiff neck, which I can’t seem to stretch out, and gets worse from riding. I only have to deal with sleeping on the floor for 18 more days!
Check out the couple of pictures. I am happy to have some better blogs up! Thanks for reading!
Here is the Thank You video from Team Portland! Please take note we are just shy of reaching our $500,000 goal! Please donate if you can! Thank you!! 
PS – Continental Grand Prix 4 Season tires are the BOMB! I have ridden the same tires the entire trip (and its starting to show) and I have only managed to have ONE flat. *** Knock on wood*** Seriously, if you are considering new tires, pick a set up, they are well worth the money.











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