What a race…

17 03 2012

Today’s was wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either…somewhere in the middle.

The night before I spend two hours after work, working on the Yeti. The bottom bracket was bad, and there was no way I was racing with that. I decided to check all points of the bike to make sure it was race ready, generally a big no no the day before the race. But it wasn’t the bike that was the problem today, it was me. I woke up with a pretty bad headache and I knew it was from being so tired. I got ready and went to the race. My legs were feeling good and I actually felt pretty confident about the race. I got there early so I wouldn’t have to rush to get my number and warmed up. Although now that I think about it, I didn’t warm up enough.

The first part of the race is a short but steep climb to the trail, which is steep, rocky and unforgiving it you don’t pick your line correctly. I was off the front, so I wouldn’t get in a traffic jam of 80 people on water bar (that steep, rocky hill). I got to the top, about 6 places back and was already feeling it. My head was pounding, but my legs still felt okay. Long story short, I got stuck behind a few people who couldn’t get through rock gardens ( 29’ers ha). I couldn’t really get into a good groove of speed, kept getting passed and kept trying to pass but I was being denied by their inability to ride over things. I knew I was stuck, so I just kept pushing. I was feeling better until my chain decided it wanted to hang out with my wheel instead of the cassette, with took a few minutes to get off. I knew my ability to catch the front group was done. So I just tried to ride as hard as I could and at least catch those who passed me with I struggled with my chain ( I caught most of them).

I found out today how important sleep is. This was the first time I made sure my bike was ready to go the night before and the last time.

Altogether I did okay. I pushed myself even though my I kept having those terrible thoughts of, “you’re going to slow” and “why am I racing?! UGH!” haha. There are a few more races before the big cross county ride. I am going to start punishing myself to get ready for states. Maybe its time to start thinking about a coach…

25 out of 77th isn’t so bad.